1967 Group 2 Mustang Shelby TA Notchback #10
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Note: Although #10 was listed in an elder SAAC registry as one of the 2 cars delivered to Dockery Ford (and Malcolm Starr mentions 2 cars being delivered to them - see 1967 #11) today it seems to have become accepted that this is the John McComb car, today owned by Gary Underwood (SAAC registrar). 


Gary Underwood at the Amelia Island Concours 2006 - Picture Frank Dobias

The History of the 1967 Shelby notchback #10: 

Lime Rock Park Vintage Fall 1992 presented by John McComb himself

Lime Rock 1992 - the engine compartment

John McComb trailered his car with Terry Doty  to SAAC-18 in July 1993/Watkins Glen

In the 8oies John McComb had restored the car with Terry Doty and entered it in vintage races until 2002, when he sold it to Gary Underwood.

Acc. to Alex Gabbards book "Fast Mustangs" and an interview with John McComb and Terry Doty, the McComb 67 car was flown in brand new to Kansas Citry and transported to their shop in June 1967. It still had seats, carpet, bumpers and lights.

"Shelby had build the engine, changed the spring rates, changed to a heavier sway bar, added traction bars, put Koni shocks on and put a bigger fuel tank in. Equipped with two 600cfm Holleys, GT40 heads, piston and rod mods the engine turned out 393HP.
As delivered the car had a lightweight seat and an option for a co-driver seat. We had that."

First raced Tulsa/War Bonnet, 1st place, award 200$

18 national SCCA races
- Broke an axle at Memphis, 2nd place
- Won ARRC in A/S.
- Raced at Green Valley, Feb. 11th. Texas

T/A races:
- Briar 3rd place
- crashed at Marlboro and rebuilt
- Las Vegas Stardust Race
- Riverside
- at Kent given to Titus (since his car with door no. 17 crashed) for the race for a  free of charge overhaul from the Shelby team. Jerry Titus blew the engine during the Kent race.

Color changed in 1969  to a gold and blue with white stripes
Raced at Olathe, Kansas in 1969 

Gary Underwood bought it late 2002 from John McComb himself.

Picture courtesy Frank Dobias

At the Laguna Seca/Monterey T/A Reunion in 2012. Picture courtesy Jim Lange
The car was featured in Modified Mustangs and Fords August 2008.


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