1967 Group 2 Mustang Shelby T/A team car  

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Some may wonder why we changed our listing of car #s as of Feb.13th, 2011, but we are just using from now on the same work order numbering . as the SAAC.
They do have a big note in the registry about their own changes on numbers relating to earlier registries and thus we may have an excuse as well:) Better knowledge gained over the years.

As it is put there:

"The (SAAC) Registry should not be considered the last word on each car. Rather it is a logical starting point for further research and investigation".

This is where we reset and restart our work with unexpected Ponysite stuff
Those work order numbers remain a myth when browsing through past registries, as they changed  and were obviously left in the last registry unchanged despite the drop of #1.

So don't pin us on the #s yet, we will never be better than any other registry, since no one has the resources to verify any tidbit of information. Trust and documentation may still lead to the truth or to frauds and fakes. We try to sort them out as best as we can.


The History of the 1967 SA team cars 

Jerry Titus  1967

The purpose of these pages is again not to rewrite the SAAC registry online, but to provide some help in identifying the different cars and to garner the "official" information with owner-specific memories or the more unexpected information that genuine people of that era contribute, also for restoration histories or any other related stories and anecdotes.

"Unexpected" is our main philosophy. About car #1 many a story has been passed within the insiders circles. The case is not yet closed as we hear, so stay tuned and return whenever you think the time might be appropriate.

We may have also found another missing 1967 T/A notchback meanwhile. Worth to return for that one and read meanwhile www.ponysite.de/richard_guider.htm

And we have a mystery car that was found as being clipped by Jim Lange. 
His thorough research has led him to numerous earlier racers that allowed him to trace back his fathers car further and further.
See www.ponysite.de/67_shelbygroup2_UNK.htm



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