Jacky Ickx/Dr. Dieter Eymann Group 2 Mustang
© Dr. Dieter Eymann Wolfgang Kohrn - 2007, last updated on March 23rd, 2008


Lifting 3 or 4 wheels - Dr. Eyman learned "flying" in Motorsports at the Ring, later turned his interest towards 3-dimensional motorsports while maintaining his Mustang maniasm until today.

The Mach 1 on the right is still today in Switzerland, Dr. Eymanns current Mustang is a 5.0. 

The History of Jacky Ickx/Dr. Eymann O2 Mustang

Jacky Ickx raced this car initially ...e.g. in Spa 1967.

It was later sold to Dieter Eyman who raced it extensively in circle track, hillclimb and airport races.

The car was later destroyed in an accident hitting a tree in the mid 70ies.

More details later. This story and an interview with Dr. Eymann was featured in our club mag 03/2007.

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