1967 Ford Mustang K-code GT (Kar Kraft modified)
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FoMoCo Dearborn Engineer Larry Beaupre's
1967 Mustang GT K-code HiPo (1 of 77)


This Wimbledon White 1967 Mustang GT was special ordered by Larry Beaupre (a Ford-Dearborn Mustang Product Planning Engineer) in June of 1967. Of the five options chosen by Beaupre the two most interesting are the 6.70x15 ply rated 170 MPH tires and Competition Suspension.

Beaupre used his Ford employee "A" plan program to acquire the Mustang from Stark Hickey Ford-Royal Oak on July 29, 1967.

Beaupre promptly got on the Kar Kraft Engineering schedule for SCCA race prep. Kar Kraft was a Ford exclusive contracted experimental facility that functioned as Vehicle Engineering for Ford Special Vehicles.

Kar Kraft completed the SCCA race prep in late summer 1967 and soon thereafter Beaupre signed up for the SCCA race school at Waterford Hills. His instructor was fellow FoMoCo engineer Bill Clawson.

For the first couple years Beaupre flat towed the Mustang behind his white Mustang fastback lease car to SCCA events. Sponsored by Stark Hickey Ford-Royal Oak, Beaupre ran the Mustang in two rally events, the 1967 "Press On Regardless" 24 hour rally (2nd in class finish) and a 1968 Canadian winter stage with the BP Rally Drivers Club in Canada.

Beaupre was required to secure an FIA race license because the POR rally was on an International race calendar.

Beaupre had the Mustang further modified with
- a Ford Engineering designed T/A roll cage
- larger Kelsey Hayes front disc brakes
- KH rear discs
-  unique Ford Engineering designed rear staggered shock setup,
- double adjustable Konis
- set of lightweight factory Ford T/A flared fenders & quarter panels
- magnesium 5-spoke 15"x 8" wheels
- Boss 302 engine with T/A headers
- misc DOZX and Kar Kraft parts
- and a fresh paint job including black hood and fenders tops like the Team Shelby T/A cars.

The original set of high speed rated tires and wheels were loaned to Warren Tope so he could finish driver's school at Waterford in his Mustang.

This Mustang GT is 1 of only 77 built with the K-code HiPo engine and 4 speed combination for 1967.

SCCA log book identity number 10-155

Historic Trans Am Registry number TA-099

Detailed race records:
- Waterford Hills Club and SCCA regional/national races like Nelson Ledges, Waterford, Grattan, Michigan International Speedway, Mid-Ohio, Dallas and Indianapolis Raceway Park.

- It also appeared in 2 rallyes - the 1967 Press On Regardless and 1968 Canadian Winter performance rallies.

At one point during 1969 the Mustang was loaned to fellow engineer Bill Clawson to gather points for Clawson to qualify for the '69 SCCA run-offs while his own '68 Mustang notchback was down for repairs.
Last raced by Beaupre in August of 1974. Ford engineers Don LaComb and Greg Osmacher also raced the Mustang in the early 1970s.


Purchased by Mike Sedlak in 1979 who had crewed on the car for 6 years starting in 1968. Sedlak started a bare metal restoration which stalled when he purchased a 1970 BOSS 302 race car.

Steve Francis purchased the Beaupre Mustang in 2015 after first hearing about the car from Sedlak in 1990. Well worth the wait.. Steve Francis said.

After a 12 month bare metal restoration by R&R Motorsports the Mustang is ready for vintage racing since Semptember 2016.


- 302 4-bolt main
- Factory Ford 2-4V T/A intake manifold w/twin 650 Holley carbs,
- mech tach drive distr,
- close ratio Toploader 4 speed built by Bill Hyde at Ford Dearborn Experimental Garage,

- Quartermaster triple disc clutch,

- 9 inch rear Detroit locker with 4.11  ratio,

- 4-wheel disc brakes,

- Jones tach and SW gauges.

The car was on sale with Hemmings (October 2017).

Purchased by Mike Walter April 2022.
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