66 Shelby Notchback Specifications
© Bill Hanlon - Last updated on November 14th,  2004


The following information is based on the Shelby American mag #50
Author: Bill Hanlon

w.permission from SAAC
However his info is removed immediately, if any individual copyrights are considered violated.

7x15" American Racing Magnesium Wheels
Lowered A-Arms
Racing Type Hood and Trunk Locks
34 gallon fuel tank with 3 1/2" quick release cap and splash funnel
Trunk mounted battery
Stewart Warner electric fuel pump
Six CS gauges in a special instrument housing:
fuel pressure, oil temperature, 0-160mph speedometer, 0-8000rpm tachometer, oil pressure and water temperature
four point rollbar
3" competiton lap belts with shoulder harness
18 quart Ford Galaxie radiator
oil cooler with remote filter
tube headers with 2 1/2" straight pipes ending before the rear wheels
"Monte Carlo" stabilizer bar
Export brace
11.3" front disc brakes
10x2 1/2" wide rear drum brakes
1" sway bar
16" three spoke steering wheel
Stock Ford valve covers  with special breathers
Koni shock absorbers
Detroit "No spin" rear ratcheting differential
3.89 rear axle
19.1 quick steering
Borg Warner T-10 close ratio four speed transmission
7,5 quart finned cast aluminum oil pan
Override traction bars
Shelby American racing 289 cid engine, aluminum hi-rise intake manifold, 350 HP
715 cfm Holley carb


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