The history of 16 Shelby Group 2 Hardtop Mustangs
© Wolfgang Kohrn - August 2004, last updated February 29th, 2024

Jerry Titus 1966 at Riverside - coming out
 Picture courtesy Ford Media

The History of the Shelby Group 2 Mustang notchbacks

16 Shelby Group 2 notchbacks are prepared in batches for racing at Shelby American
Picture courtesy SAAC

This is an ongoing attempt to document the individual histories with personal stories aside from the written and published SAAC available information. We may fail in several cases to rewrite the history, but it will be the little details and anecdotes, we will pay special attention to. 

Whatever you can contribute from your memory from those days, please contact us and we will be right back to you. Allow us just to check and verify given datas or information with reliable resources "in the background", as we try of course to keep out any fakes and misleading information by best knowledge..


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