Benito Lores 1966 Shelby Notchback Group 2 Mustang
© Benito Lores, Wolfgang Kohrn - October, 31st. 2005, updated 2012


Most probably 66 Shelby Group 2 #8.

The History of Benito Lores #8 Shelby Notchback

To provide some input for your interesting site, I ordered this car back in 1966 and brought it down to Lima, Peru , besides some five R GT350s and two Cobras, one road and one street. 

I ordered and imported two other notchbacks during 1967 built for two local drivers: Arnaldo Alvarado and Emilio Fort. 

The 1966 I used for some six months and sold it to Renzo Matellini. The person I dealt with at Shelby was mainly Lew Spencer.  

I‘ve been back here in the States since 1999, but wouldn’t mind at all getting involved in cars again."
Benito Lores in Oct. 2005

Thanks a lot

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