Ray Cuomo Shelby Group 2 1966 notchback racer #6
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#6 night shot at the SAAC-31 at the Virginia Int. Raceway in 2006

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: Frank Dobias, Jan Nelson
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The History of the Ray Cuomo 
Shelby Group 2 1966 Mustang Hardtop #6

The Shelby International Registry identifies this car as number 6 of 16 1966 Ford Mustang Hardtops purchased by Carroll Shelby. It underwent specific modifications to prepare them for Group II competition.

Number 6 was originally purchased from SA by Gofaster, Inc. of Long Island City. Gofaster, owned by John Norwood, was the East Coast Distributor for Goodyear racing tires at the time. The car was entered by the Ring Free Oil Racing Team in the 1967 24 Hour Daytona Continental. Ray Cuomo of Gofaster along with co-driver Paul Richards, brought the car home 1st in Class and 11th Overall.

Unlike many of its sister cars, which competed during 1967 and 1968 seasons, #6 did not return to competition until 1969, when John Gimbel traded Ray Cuomo of Gofaster Inc. his 1967 Shelby GT-350 for car #6, a car trailer and as a tow car, a 1963 Blue Oldsmobile station wagon affectionally nicknamed "The Blue Whale". 

John used the car for Drivers School, Regional, National and finally FIA driver license requirements. In 1970 the car was entered in the 24 Hours of Daytona by Ray Cuomo Racing Enterprises with John Gimbel and George (Corky) Lisberg doing the driving. The car finished 2nd in Class and 16th. overall.

Jan Nelsen and Frank Dobias purchased the car from John Gimbel in March of 1970. Frank used the car to attain his regional and FIA license. In 1971 they entered the car in the IMSA Camel GT Summit Point 4 hour Enduro. Jan and Frank brought the car home 5th in T/O. The car was entered in and driven by Jan in numerous East-Coast Trans-Am events from St. Jovite/Canada to Mid-Ohio during 1970, 1971 and 1972. The highest finishing position being 16th, for the 6 year old race car, in the Schaefer Trans-Am at Lime Rock Park/CT in 1972.

Jan Nelson and Frank Dobias car at Bryar Motorsport Park, Loudon New Hampshire
The no. 14 was assigned by SCCA for the T/A series

Although Jan and Frank had hopes of pulling a HAT TRICK at the 24  Hours of Daytona, a six year old car was definitely becoming harder to qualify in professional evetns. As teh saying goes "there is nothing slower than last years race car".
Number 6's professional career had come to an end. Jan Frank ran the car in numerous local club, regional and national events, the last being a 4 Hour regional Endura at Bryar Motorsport Par in Louden N.H. in 1980.

Jan and Frank started the restoration of #6 around 2004.

A word about the external fuel filler on  this car:
"To the best of our knowledge our car was delivered by Shelby to Daytona for the 1967 24 Hour Daytona Continental WITH an external fuel filler. Everyone we have been in touch with states all the '66 cars came with an internal filler. 
I believe our car was fitted with the external filler since it was prepared for the 1967 event. In 1967 the external fillers were mandatory. 
A photo that we have of the car at Daytona 1967 shows the external filler.  
We are restoring it to that status 'as first raced'.

Frank Dobias and Jan Nelson 2006

#6 at the SAAC31-meeting in 2006 (VIR)

There are other photos of this car at www.carmemories.com/submitters/dobias

With door number 72 at the Lime Rock Festival 2006

In the streets of Watkins Glen 2006

Click here for news about the car from Watkins Glen 2013 (PDF courtesy of Frank Dobias)

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