Jim Kless Shelby Group 2 1966 notchback racer #5
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1966 Cotati Race circuit/California

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The History of the Jim Kless 
Shelby Group 2 1966 Mustang Hardtop #5

Jim Kless contacted us in early 2011 and is going to fill our logbook with his memories and pictures within the next weeks.

Car #5 was built between March 9th and the end of March at SA, 1966.

"I bought car #5 from Shelby in early 66 and had it delivered to Santa Barbara race track.
 I was a rookie but finished #1 in the Northern California SCCA region. 

1966 Stockton Race/California A/Sedan

1966 Stockton A/S first race

" I had the car painted red later and lowered it. It wore door number #33."  

1966 Cotati Race Circuit/California 

Ron Grable in his Dodge Dart follows Jim Kless Shelby notchback #5.

"Highly illegal car like Scott Harvey's Barracuda. Scott was a Chrysler engineer and did well in 1966. Both - Ron and Scott - had Chrysler help."

"I totalled it at Riverside on turn #1 while testing for a preliminary race 4 weeks prior to The Road Race of Champions

I then took the parts of it and leased Don Radbruchs car and ran it in the final race (1966 Road Race of Champions at Riverside). I took  4th place in his car with my gear on it."
Jim Kless

More history bits soon after reviewing further material sent by Jim.

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