West Ford Sales Anthony Fucci's Shelby Group 2 1966 notchback racer #4
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The History of the West Ford Sales
Shelby Group 2 1966 Mustang Hardtop #4

Originally sold West Ford Sales in April they gave it to a local racer (previous Alfa Romeo driver) Anthony "Tony" Fucci, who campaigned the car in 1966 in 3 races to win all 3 races.
Lime Rock, Thompson Raceway and Bryar Motorsports from May to June 1966.
Wayne Smith - a drag racer - worked with Tony on the car and travelled to the various races.

The car got known with a raised rear hood. Tony and Wayne had an expert advice on cold air induction and they created an air plenum funneling the airstream behind the grille towards the carb ...as well as raised the rear hood hinges 1". This created a much better airstream for the carb and heat dissipation at the same time.

Rented to Ken Duclos for the race in July 66. (DNF)

Raced again for 3 races in the remaining 66 season by Tony Fucci to 1st places.
Shelby supplied several Torque-Thrust rim sets and the related Goodyear tires.
Ford supplied and sponsored several rear-ends to match the circuit requirements.

As of 1967 it raced with the shown Harr Ford sponsorship, but Ford and Holman-Moody also supported this car. HM just because it was not vinned or tagged with a Shelby name. HM tweaked the performance also on the tracks with special provided fuel mixture.

Tony stopped racing #4 after the succesfull 1968 season with him winning the A/S championship against major competitors (54 national points) awaiting a new 1969 Ford. Yet he was seen later in a blue Mustang.

Dr. Terry Bennet bought the car and stored it away in 1971 in his collection. It went on sale again in Hemmings in 1983 and Stephen Pollock bougth the car in November.

The car changed hands more often, was serviced for a while in Tony Conovers shop. It was raced with the TransAm group.

Last known owner acc. to SAAC records is Steve Sorensen and on display at the Amelia concours 2008.

Picture courtesy LHS

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