S.C. Motors 66 Shelby Notchback Mustang
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The History of S.C. Motors 1966 Shelby Notchback racer

Picture Ken Mann

Vic McLean owned this car back in 1966 and 1967 as he told us in 2009

"The #3 car was sold new through S&C Motors of San Francisco, and I restored it in 1994/1995.  
It was driven by Peter Talbert, and John McComb (before he got his own car).  

The current owner of this car is a good friend of mine, and he actively vintage races it, in fact, he just placed 12th at Sears Point Raceway, at the Wine Country Classic Vintage Races, last weekend.  
I do know that Hayward Ford sponsored the car, as well as Wibel Winery.  

It is currently running the Hayward lettering, and the Wibel Wines stripes. (red and blue).  
Ken Mann

Current owner Carl Stein

Known actual appearances
Raced at Watkins Glen 2006

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