Bob James Cutter Ford Group 2 Mustang
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Painted red between 1972 and 1976

The History of another 1966 Group 2 Mustang

Original owner was Bob James.  

Drivers through the early years were Bob James, Doug Hooper, Bob Harris, Tony Rouff and Terry Leonard.
The race car started life as a 1966 K-code GT with heater delete. 

Its color was dark blue and twin white stripes on hood, trunklid and backside of car, "Cutter Ford" on front fenders.

First known T/A race was the Riverside Mission Bell Trophy 250 on September 18th 1966 with drivers Doug Hooper and Bob James finishing in 15th place as car number 3.

The next T/A race was back at Riverside on September 17th 1967.

Drivers Bob James and Bob Harris with a 14th place finish as car number 34.

Purchased by Tony Rouff  in summer of 1968 from Bob James with Bob stating that Shelby built the car. Still had a simple roll hoop and not a full roll cage as yet. Tony added a diagonal bar, boiler plate in the back seat area and lead inside the back bumper to bring the car up to the weight minimum, moved battery to the trunk area, fabricated air ducting from carb to cowl area and misc other mod's. Tony used the car for two drivers schools in late 1968 at Riverside and Holtville. 

The following year he raced in A/S Regionals and Nationals from 1969-72 at Riverside, Laguna Seca, Willow Springs, Phoenix, Vacaville, Salt Lake City, Santa Barbara, Orange County Fair Grounds, Ontario, Holtville and Road Atlanta.  Color dark blue at first and later added flares and changed the color to white on the sides with medium blue topside and a black front lower valence and headlamp buckets. Raced as number 71.

This picture is from October 1969 and shows Tony Rouff in the ex-Cutter Ford notchback at Orange County International Raceway
Sold to Hollywood stuntman/stunt coordinator Terry Leonard. Painted red and raced in A/S Regionals and Nationals through 1976 as number 20. In 30 races Terry always finished in the top 5 positions. 

In 1976 Terry was headed to the Runoffs and got as far as Kansas City before being told to stop, turn around and head back to Hollywood for his acting role in the movie "A Man Called Horse" where he doubled for one of the stars.
Sold to Brad Balles. Painted back to it's original blue and vintage raced as number 3.
Currently under restoration by Greg Reynolds.

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