1964 1/2 Mustang VIN 5F08F100145
Most probably the first Movie Mustang

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Picture courtesy Christophe

5F08F100145 made its first public appearance at the recent Retromobile 2004 in Paris

Thanks to received information via the Mustang Club de France, we are proud to present the probably first Movie Mustang on this site:
This 1964 1/2 Mustang was scheduled for production on the 5th. of March 1964 (05C) and rolled off the line on Monday 9th of March. It received a DSO 89, which stands for Ford's Transportation services, a common DSO for special promotion use or management VIP reservations.

Above 2 pictures courtesy Philippe Guattari/MCDF

Acc. to history documents it was imported via the harbour of Anvers/Belgium from Ford of Belgium. They were looking for a new unknown car for a french movie and the main actress knew somebody at Ford Belgium. Thus the film team of the then (and now) famous Louis de Funès comedy movie series got hold of a brandnew Mustang. "Le gendarme de St. Tropez" was the exact title and just about to be filmed and this early Mustang was used in several scenes.

The movie script writer became the first owner of this initially belgium licensed early Mustang. It was registered in France later in August 1964.
The car was kept in movie business for a number of other french productions later (Navaro etc).

Its door tag carries the codes 76A J 86 05C 89 1 6, so the early convertible featured a 260-2V V8 engine, a standard black interior, a conventional 3.00 rear end and a C-4 Dual Range Cruise-O-Matic transmission.
The early bird has a speedometer in miles, not a km/h speedo.

"The car is owned for more than 5 years now by Patrick Serpagli, proprietor of a well-known Mustang garage in Nanterre. It is still original at 95% because Patrick changed the left rear fender three years ago." says Patrick Guattari and goes on to give us details on the Retromobile 2004 display:
"The summer style uniform of the driver puppet is a real 1965 uniform borrowed by the army, there are only two of them in France and the mask (Louis De Funès) was coming from Germany by plane with Federal Express and arrived at the show too hours after the opening on friday morning!"
Philippe further informed us that the actual movie was done in June 1964, but released in 1965. Anyway we can state this was 'most probably" the earliest movie Mustang, the eldest Mustang in Europe in running condition and DRIVEN!
Picture courtesy MCDF

Special thanks to Philippe Guattari, Christophe and other members of the MCDF

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