1968 427 equipped Powerhorse
© Cory Ellwyn, Wolfgang Kohrn - Last updated on May, 26th. 2005


The car undergoing its initial restoration in 1981

Serious bodywork was necessary, but done with patience and a clear vision.

Restoration has been taken seriously - frogs may have the same view on perfect workmanship.

All pictures courtesy Cory

A true 1968 427 driven Powerhorse artifacted 
based on an early C-code Fastback 
by Cory Ellwyn 

The most famous Ford big block 427 engine in a 68 Fastback style with an outstanding paint scheme, this car would have been the utmost promo gig back then in 1968.
At the same time it  would have threatened "the other guys" a lot. Unfortunately Ford never delivered one of those 427 initially planned and even promoted W-codes ex-factory. Still there are rumours of about 2 handful HM conversions sold to one client and  less than a handful test mules out there. We are also still investigating one mystery car here in Switzerland, that has quite a few promising "genuine" modifications.

But Cory did not want to wait for any original and why should he. He built his dream car since the early 80ies with a lot of patience to make it right the first time, although he found a lot of corners during the process that he finetuned over the 90ies to perfection. 

Basically he started with a well-used early 68 model Fastback and restored the body and suspension to get it ready for a heart transplant, that only a few will ever experience.

A 427 4V MR big block with custom made Ross pistons and ,Comp Cams valve train went in. Of course fully balanced.
Followed by a close ratio 4spd Toploader and a 9 inch 31 spline "N" case rear end with 3.50 traction-loc, Cory assured proper translation of torque into forward (or rearward) high-speed motion.

Under ride traction bars (fabricated by Cory himself), a Boss 302 rear swaybar modified to be adjustable plus frame connectors, modified to tie into traction bars make sure, the grip ist not lost during launches. 

Up front lowered front A-arms, quick ratio manual steering, 600 lb front springs and a 1 inch sway bar prooved to be the right choice for this well-balanced Special Performance Vehicle.
70ies big bearing spindles are known to be a must upgrade for anything Mustangwise that corners hard, so in they went.

Brakewiese Cory added manual disc brakes, drilled rotors to follow any police officers direction, if 
escape routes get rare.

Shock tower braces and a monte carlo bar designed and built by Cory himself again keep the car stiff with the added heavy weight of the 427. 

Cory tells us, he never had a cooling problem, especially not with the self-fabricated aluminium air box and the real Boss 429 Hood scopp that even has the cable operated trap door. 
Further options of worthy note are
Deluxe interior with roof console
8000 rpm tach
150 speedo
AM/FM radio
Tilt away steering
rRar finned tail light panel
All ine one a perfect composed Powerhorse and a truely Special Performance Vehicle, that would have deserved a place in Fords pre-Winternationals history.

Let's call it the CE 0001, a job that HM or Kar Kraft should have made back then..
CE for Cory Ellwyn. 

The self-fabricated airbox and Monte Carlo bar were added in 2004. The former original 427 air cleaner prooved to be way too much restricted.

In 2005 Cory added a few more shiny elements to the lustering engine bay.

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