The 2006 Ford Living Legend sports car

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Picture courtesy Auto Bild
All pictures courtesy Auto Bild
Turbo engine with 300 HP has been thrown overboard, likewise 4-wheel-drive with active differential and charged 5 or 6-cylinder engines. Instead Top Manager Thursfield and R. Leach decided to get this S272 coded new Living Legend into the affordable sports car level. Based on the new C1-platform the new car will revive the well-known CAPRI legend.
Still turbo power and 6-gear-tranny are on the specification sheets.
A nice convertible with an Mercedes like foldable hardtop is on the scetch pad. Base engine will be a 130 HP 6-cyliner, the Capri Turbo will be equipped with a 225 HP engine (or 250HP) and a Getrag MM6-6gear tranny and probably be around 29.000 dollar. The convertible will cost 1500 dollar more. A semi-automatic is under consideration as well.
Picture courtesy Auto Bild To me it looks quite o.k., although similarites to the old Capri are tough to find. Maybe the Capri was not really a legend as a street car, undoubted it was one on the racetracks like the old 2600 RS. There is little by now in this new car of the old glory. We'll see.
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